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It’s getting extremely hot outside, and this is a serious threat to our pets.  Pets who are let outside should be limited to only long enough to take care of business.  Outdoor pets should be checked on regularly, provided lots of ventilated shade, and cool, clean water at all times if you are not able to bring them in.  And remember, just because that water was cool in the morning when you put it out does not mean it hasn’t heated up during the day.  Adding ice will help. Pets are very susceptible to heat stroke-signs include:

Panting or trouble breathing
Lethargic behavior or disoriented behavior
Vomiting or diarrhea
Darkened gums

If you suspect your pet is overheating, drench them in cool water, and take them to the vet immediately!

Keep safety in mind at the lake, in the backyard, with people in and out, gates and doors accidentally left open, fun in the pool, snakes, foods/drinks left out within reach, etc.  Hopefully you have already started flea and tick preventatives as well to keep those at bay.

Please don’t leave pets in cars for any length of time.  Temperatures can rise rapidly in your vehicle, even to deadly levels.  It’s fine to take Fido for a ride, but make it just a ride, not a stop, and remember to keep heads and feet in the vehicle!  You may not think they will fall or jump out, but you never know!  Safety first!

Just keep an eye out for each other, both human and pet in this heat.  Check on neighbors, elderly, and be aware of outdoor pets’ safety.