Current Happenings

Spring has sprung-at least for today in North Texas!  The trees are starting to pollinate, the rains have started, and before you know it all the flowers will be blooming.  

Spring also brings fleas, which never really die down in our area.  If you  have not started or continued a flea preventative for your lovable four-leggeds, please do so!  We are always happy to answer questions on the best preventatives for your unique situation.  

All the little girl doggies that have not been spayed will be coming into heat if they have not already.  This can lead to a multitude of problems if not planned for, for both the girls and the boys, such as accidental breeding, escapes, fights, doggie jail, and car accidents.  Please spay or neuter if you are not planning to breed!

Cats are a little different in relation to breeding.  Female cats will continuously cycle until they are either pregnant, or spayed.  This means A LOT of unwanted pregnancies, cat fights, abscesses, and trips to the vet.  Just think, one cat can have a litter of around 4-6 kittens every 3-4 months…and those kittens can get pregnant at around 6 months of age…

*We spay/neuter puppies and kittens at around 5-6 months of age.  It can also be done earlier if needed.
*There is no medical need to let them go through a heat cycle first or let them have one litter.
*Spaying/neutering does not make your pet fat.  This is usually done at around the same time that their metabolism slows down a little, so it coincidentally happens that they start to retain fat instead of burning more of it.
*Spaying and neutering can prevent a multitude of medical and behavioral problems.  It can prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine infections, lessen or prevent aggression, keep them from running off to see the girl doggie they can smell a mile away, keep them from chasing cars, getting into fights with another male…You get the idea!

ALLERGIES, ALLERGIES, ALLERGIES.  They never really stop around here, so if your pet is itching or rubbing, has red skin or ears, licking feet constantly, shaking their head excessively, they may have allergies.  If you are not treating already, and they are exhibiting any of the signs, please call us so that we can help you get them some relief!

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