Current Happenings

Happy Memorial Day!

As we go into this weekend’s festivities, time with family, cookouts, fun on the lake and sunburns, please take a moment to remember why we recognize this holiday-all the men and women who nobly gave their lives to allow us the freedom to do the things we do every day.  Take a moment to think about those who continue to serve as well; we would not be where we are without them.

Keep your pets in mind as well this weekend-try to keep their safety in mind at the lake, in the backyard, with people in and out, gates and doors accidentally left open, fun in the pool, snakes, foods/drinks left out within reach, etc.  Hopefully you have already started flea and tick preventatives as well to keep those at bay.

Please don’t leave pets in cars for any length of time.  Even at this time of year, temperatures can rise rapidly in your vehicle, even to deadly levels.  It’s fine to take Fido for a ride, but make it just a ride, not a stop, and remember to keep heads and feet in the vehicle!  You may not think they will fall or jump out, but you never know!  Safety first!

We will only be closed on Monday in observance of Memorial Day, but if you need them the Grayson County Animal Emergency Clinic will be open all weekend.  We resume normal business hours on Tuesday.

Stay safe, keep them safe, and have a fantastic holiday!